What to do when life gives you permission?

There is a small window in trimesters that allows you to leave nausea at the door and feel like you have life in your lungs and body. Just a sliver of a window.

It’s called the second trimester!

Now don’t go getting excited because once you get to the third trimester your belly is ready to explode, you get super anxious for the baby’s arrival AND you start to lose sleep.

But this week as we turned the bend on #17weekspregnant I realized one thing:

life is giving me permission to get some things done and have the energy to do them.

So what to do when you have these few weeks of: time???

You chase some dreams, get excited through the fear and MAKE IT HAPPEN! And y’all that is just what I am doing! So this week I was able to invest a little on my dreams in hopes that it will get me closer to where I want to go and who I know God has created me to be. Being savvy in so many arenas is a great thing but I am learning the last few weeks it can also be a bit of a mucky situation because then you cannot stay laser focused on “the one thing you want to do”. I have been a mom since the age of 16 and have had a servant heart to help others since kindergarten. So asking this worker bee momma “what do you want to be” and you would see that’s nearly impossible to answer. I don’t know.

So I am going to do only what I know how: start with several things and see where I land. I have a supportive family, the energy to do it, and the drive.

Oh man I have drive to do something bigger than myself!

I decided I am going to work towards getting my Broker’s license for real estate, and even wrote out a declaration to myself so that I can write it out every single day! Thanks to Carrie Green and her book! It was the boost I needed to stop wishing and hoping and instead just do it.

Oh! and I decided that I would need funds that weren’t coming out of our family budget so that I could pursue some of what I want. Gotta work hard for where you want to go right??? So as my Mother’s Day gift the kiddos and Patrick paid the difference so that I could start selling Monat hair care products! I am excited to see how this journey will help pave a way.

I am still very much working through my powersheets too, they are helping me pick up my good habits again and keeping me inspired to stay happy in the process. I have a website to help others learn to build lasting relationships through networking and that too will be on the list of things to work on, but this week during the evening I have been learning via YouTube how to update this website so I can make this a website spot you as the readers LOVE & SHARE! So comment how I am doing, because y’all I need some encouragement. As an OCD person, not knowing what I am doing 100% or event 50% of the time is scary lol!

To keep me grounded: I had prayed hard for me to keep my roots of faith in anything that my heart decided to stir.

“Lord, please make sure I don’t lose priority of what’s important, do not allow me to choose based on money rather on what you want me to do. Please help me know when and where I am supposed to go.”

Well He answered a couple weeks ago in such a way my heart nearly imploded!!!!! I was selected as one of the gals to help with the Book Launch of Cultivate What Matters for Lara and her team. It was the reminder I needed and the proof I need that He has his hand in all this.

So while this pregnancy is making my waist expand it is also making my heart fill with excitement for many reasons!

What about YOU???

What have you been fearful about doing? What is holding you back?

Do you have a community of people to help you achieve those dreams and stretch for the sky?

It’s never too late to start, and as a mom of soon to be 5 kids there is never an excuse you could use that would make me tell you “oh okay, don’t go after your dream right now.” Pick up the pen and paper and start sketching out your passions and dreams.

See you next week!

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