Write it down

Mood today: Positive and Productive

Inspirational tune: Rhett Walker Band ” Come to the River”

I want to remember THAT moment…

I am so grateful for…
Don’t forget to remember…

Oh that is a great point!
       If you have ever had that type of thought rush through your mind then congrats you are not alone. I have had many moments with those thoughts throughout the years yet I did nothing about it. 

For years I have done the same thing with these thoughts: not a darn thing.

    This past December I began doing something that was out of my normal, but I knew it was necessary in order to get my positive vibes back. Actually now that I think of it, I actually did something about it back several months ago.

I began to write it down

    I began writing down what inspired me throughout the church services I attended on Sundays and that led to starting a gratitude journal with a small little Target dollar spot notebook. These small steps have helped me tremendously and they are now very much a part of my daily routine. 

I realized I owed it to myself and the folks around me (especially my husband,kids,and friends) to see all the things I should be grateful for because to a huge extent they are a part of my happiness.

    I miss some days and that’s okay, but when I do quickly I get back on the bandwagon again and don’t quit.It’s a few minutes of my time that do not go wasted and help me go to bed with a smile versus tears like often times I used to.

    It helps me have different perspective. 

    Day one of writing in my journal I had told myself, “okay Sam just one thing- find one thing to be grateful for” you know what happened? Not one time have I only written just one thing. I usually fill up the whole page. I have even started including smiley faces and doodles on certain days that my heart fills so full!

That ladies is progress, and that ladies is something deserving of celebrating.

    My ipod has switched to the next song on my shuffle and as I type while listening to the words some strike a chord with me.

” when all I will do is forever worship you. I can only imagine”

    How powerful those words are for me … “surrounded by your glory!” AMEN is what I think to those words. Gratitude from within allows me to then go share the positive into the great big world and those I interact with. It has helped me get up and be prepared for the day ahead no matter what it brings forth. It allows my “what used to be” very restless/confused heart to now be peaceful and without feeling  that I may have a heart attack lol!

It all started with a simple step: 

               writing it down


Write transparently and with gratitude

    Now I write as much as I can down in more than one area. I went back to old school ways that used to help me feel less forgetful and help me to be not only more focused but productive. I have a couple planners I use and have begun creating my to-do list the night before. I do this just before going to bed and once all my mom duties are complete.

                  You know why?

 Because I am deserving to control my time so that I can be less restless and happier.

It takes being intentional not for anyone but yourself. Love yourself. You are worthy.

    So today I encourage you to go find a little notebook and pen to begin writing at least one thing you are grateful for today. It can be anything at all. No one will see it but you. Keep it in a place that you can easily pick it up (for me it’s my nightstand). Don’t forget to date each page you write down a gratitude moment so that later you can look back and see all the days and positives. You will see how far you have come, and friends it is so amazing to reflect upon these things!
There have been some days I look back when I feel deflated a bit and it then helps me get my chin up and push through the next day.

Love y’all,


Pretty pens for this chick!

Mood today: Anxiety but being prayerful 

Inspirational tune: Jordan Feliz “Down to the River”
    I knew I was growing up a few years ago when I found office supplies to be cool and found great pleasure when I would find a pen that wrote like it was a small piece of heaven. 

     Do you know what I’m talking about? 

     The kind of pen that glides and has the perfect ink stroke without gaps so that you get THE precise “look” you want.

   When working towards my faith dedication this year it has been important for me personally to add color to all I touch. And because I am in constant contact with paperwork, bills, my Powersheets by Lara Casey and my Simplified Planner by Emily Ley along with meetings that require notes… 


   Well let’s just say I require a pretty pen bag for all my ink! 

   Sometimes a colored pen is all it takes to make the first step towards progress. 

    A colorful pen can make a plain white sheet of paper bold and bright! A colorful pen inspires you to doodle or write words or phrases just so you can “use your pen”.

   It’s a writing utensil that becomes almost a part of who you are and where you are going because if it wasn’t then why would you be worried to lose it or let someone borrow it knowing it may get legs ?
     I encourage you to find some colorful pens and highlighters- 

and YES USE THEM with all you do writing wise. 

   Open your BiblesUSE THEM

   Open your journal-USE THEM

   Open a book-USE THEM

   Open your Powersheets-

                  USE  THEM


I see color I see opoortunity!
    Now once you do, go back and flip through – 

     the color will force you to stop and read because it will catch not only your eyes but your mind. 

   We all need inspiration to learn, so why not do it cheerfully and bright? 

   This year on our great journey let’s do it in style shall we…


Love y’all,