It’s not your outfit, wear your heart

Mood today: Reflective and upbeat for what’s ahead

Inspirational tune: Mercy Me “Dear Younger Me”
      Can you see my muffin top with this outfit? I am hoping not because I just LOVE the pattern… what if I just suck in?


     Today I am enjoying in a bitter-sweet fashion my first weekday being unemployed. I was not planning on writing this post until the weekend but like in all God-fashioned things He has a different plan for me.

          I have worked out, read my devotional, read a little from a book, washed dishes, mopped, organized the bathroom, put up laundry, and YES I am now scrubbing the washing machine down with a Pintrest DIY “recipe”. I am getting things done that I have not been able to do for some time.

        I was also organizing our closet because my husband’s clothes have started taking a second section of the closet. That is what reminded me of this post title, and the reason why I have slowed down with my Chai Tea in hand and decided to write out this post.


See ladies…chai tea in hand
    I was reminded because as I was moving his clothes over and sorting out hangers with clothes on them and without, I looked at my side and realized that while I used to have four times his ratio I now have less than half. BITTER SWEET

     I used to love buying and shopping for clothes, shoes and anything girly but as I get older I find it more difficult to find clothing I enjoy buying and excited to wear.

      At some point last year and honestly I can’t remember when it was I realized I didn’t need the coolest pair of boots, or purse, or even the coolest pair of jeans anymore. I wanted to instead make sure I was wearing the best heart I could.

It does not matter how great you look if you do not feel like your heart is in a good place it is meaningless. Now do not get me wrong by any means… I do love me some nice things!

    But they are no longer what I allow to define me or my success.

      Today even while I blog “unemployed” I feel like I am successfully taking on this day with an upbeat attitude and grateful heart. I am still sweaty gross from no shower for the day, but it doesn’t stop me jamming out to Mercy Me and it certainly does not deter me from having some great text talks with friends that prior to not having to work I was not able to do because I was “busy”.

( I hate the excuse “because I am crazy busy”)

     If something is important, like in this case for yourself MAKE TIME YOU CRAZY BUSY YOU!

Why? First, because you deserve to work on your heart so you can be the happiest you. Second, because I said so lol!!!

     I promise, if you work on your heart and do even the smallest things (for example drinking chai tea or texting a friend to tell her you love her) it will work wonders and help you build that motivation you need in order to build up some steam to chug ahead in a positive direction.

     Having a good heart to wear will make any old pair of boots you put on or an “older than this season top” look awesome! 
You know why?

      Because as your heart is pumping with positive,you walk with confidence and no matter what you wear matters anymore because the walk behind it is confident and that is what radiates when people see you. 

    That is what you want to be about… substance not surface.
  Well I gotta run because its time for me to do the last part of operation “DIY washing machine recipe”.

Love y’all!


Graceful Swagger!

Why on earth did you not do the one thing you said you would?

Why would you be so dumb?

You look like crap today?

   These are all sentences that I have caught myself telling myself either out loud or in my mind. 

   They are not very graceful,loving or patient words. They do however send me down the rabbit hole of negativity and in return affect my self-confidence and day to day self.

   I wanted to start this GRACEful Gal series intentionally with this post because it’s important to remind ourselves and other ladies that we are our worst critics and we need to work towards being our best GRACE cheerleaders. 

   We can’t ever be perfect because we were perfectly made imperfect. 

We were meant to fail at times,and meant to fall short along the path of life. 

But we were given knees,elbows and hands for a purpose to use them as a way to lift back up and keep moving forward. 

This week a scripture that weighs beautifully on my heart is found in 

     Proverbs 14:1 (NKJV)

“The wise woman builds her house,but the foolish pulls it down with her hands”

Let’s remind ourselves today as we start the week week ahead and the February month, about the following:

I don’t want to be the person who pulls down my home with my bare hands. I want to be wise in my ways and with all my actions by extending myself grace when I need to. There is no limit in my grace piggy bank- I want to build my house into a home where I love myself unconditionally. 

  I’m guilty of trying to break down all the positive I have received out of insecurity that I have failed so much I don’t deserve good to happen. 

Grace is beautiful and so why not embrace it! 

Love y’all ladies,