Servant Heart-A word to build on

I’m learning so much lately. I went to church this morning and during slivers of reflection can’t help but say to myself “you have done more this year than you have in year’s past”

     In December I told myself that I would do everything I felt God call me to do. I was giving him from January 1st-December 31st 2016 to do what he wants through me. LOL! I know– who am I to bargain with GOD??? It’s my style and He knows that and yet still loves me. 

   I would not say no, I would not whine,or be fearful. I would just have a “suck it up cupcake” mentality and do it with a good heart. 
    Let me tell you; it has been paying off and has been quite a whirlwind all at once. I am reading more books than I have in a long time, I found a job I am enjoying and that allows me the balance I need, I’m finding time for hobbies (working on a cookbook) , I’ve tried out for my church’s music ministry team,and created a networking presentation I am putting into action. 

    But the most exciting piece is:

My relationship with the Lord is growing in ways that to describe it would sound surreal. 

He is ever present.

This journey while filled with lots of good and joyous moments is also filled with learning some tough lessons.

    The hardest one for me: learning to have a TRULY servant heart.

Man-o-man this one is tough! 

Pride jumps in, fear of rejection or ungratefulness  jumps in. However, today in church I was reminded that to truly love the Lord you MUST have a servant heart regardless of the outcome with those around you. 

     He wants us to love and give selflessly.

I can’t guarantee the rest of my life to be perfect in this area. I can though commit to the next seven days of servant heart and see what it will bring about. I feel it to be a calling and as promised,plan to follow.

Here is to the next seven days, are you with me? 


Pureheart Service wititnessing the power of prayer



In all things pray

Mood today: Excited for the work day, but heart heavy a little (not going to let me down though)

Inspirational tune: All of Creation (Even So Come) by Chris Tomlin


John 15:5 NKJV

  “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me,and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

   2016 is the year of being careful with my words but I can’t do it alone (not one bit) . 

    It requires more moments of prayer than I have ever done. It also requires me to hand over completely— as in surrender (this action is still hard at times for me to practice). I am learning to pray first then give myself time to process. So then I can communicate in a “less of me more of Him”approach. 


   Prior to making THE intentional decision to make some positive changes in my life I used to only pray upon convenience.

 I only prayed for good things to happen and only prayed one-sided. “God this is what I need just this one time… Amen”.

 Now reflecting back it was a 50% prayer. While I was “being prayerful” I wasn’t PRAYING. I wasn’t having a fluid conversation with Him for guidance and wisdom. 
    Fast forward to this year.

(Did you notice I said this year: it’s okay to start making change any time)

This verse has helped me stay centered
     I pray often and rather than a laundry list that I hand off to God to “take care of”the way I once did, I now pray for guidance and clarity. I ask that He help me approach things more like He would have me do. 

    I pray without agenda. 

We can’t do things all alone and we certainly won’t always get our way, but we can ask for help from someone much greater than us who has the wisdom to help empower us with the gift of love. 

     Be prayerful in all you do.

    There may be situations that are uncomfortable and there may be circumstances that you are feeling restless about: PRAY. 

   But remember ask Him for guidance and then patiently wait. If you feel convictions do those things He is asking of you without pouting or hesitation. Don’t squirm but rather be confident that He has you in his hands. 

   Remember the first series of these posts where I shared: it will get uncomfortable? YEP THIS IS PART OF THOSE TIMES…

   But choose to embrace it with joy,excitement and faith for what lies ahead. I believe in you! 

 Love y’all,