16 Reasons Why…finding self gifts in the midst of a busy week

This week I started in Arizona, landed in California and returned back home to Arizona–all in a 4 day span!

Busy bee would not be an accurate term. I felt I had an entire hive on my hands lol!

Last week took a lot of wind out of my sails, but this week was different. I knew there would be some high demands of me on the work front, and knew I was going to be relying on my husband and kiddos to hold the fort down with Baker so that I could go out of town to “make magic happen”!

I do best when I have the time and moments to be: focused

I told myself that I was going to make this past week a learning lesson: Not allowing the negative to overpower positive.

This meant only one thing:

I was going to gift myself the ability to Self Gift!

What is this “self gifting” thing you speak of Sam???

Simple. I wanted to be intentional and take note of the small details that would make me smile for the week. 16 things to be exact. After all I am 16 weeks pregnant!

I was actually quite excited to keep my eyes and heart open to things that would make me smile. It was nice to hold myself accountable to slowing down and staying focused.

So here they are… 16 gifts this week and WHY they were such a blessing to me.

1. She Means Business- BOOK
This book has been on my list for quite some time and now I know why!It has bite size chapters,and is reminding me to step up my game and focus on my passions and ambitions!

Loving this great read!
Loving this great read!

2. Breakfast- Barrio Cafe at SkyHarbor Airport
I enjoyed a yummy breakfast right before hopping on a plane and starting what would turn out to be a fourteen hour day. I got to enjoy a meal and that doesn’t happen too often so it is quite a treat when it takes place. I even added cheese!!!!! Yummy

3. MAKE IT HAPPEN -playlist
Thank goodness for smart teenage daughters! Mine was able to show me how to save my favorite tunes into a playlist, and for this trip with long hours on the road it came quite into handy use! I was bobbing my head away, and so grateful for this small gift.

4. Questions- Monat
This week I was able to solidify a decision because I stopped to ask questions. I am excited and looking forward to how this may open some doors for my family.

5. Fresh Air- priceless!
The 76 degree weather hitting my face and blowing through my hair was such a gift! To have a job that allows me to enjoy that is quite a blessing.

Dana Point, CA was the perfect fresh air dose.
Dana Point, CA was the perfect fresh air dose.

6. 16 Week Dessert!
I ordered this awesome dessert from one of our client’s places to celebrate Baby Root’s sweet 16 (weeks) and it was straight up heavenly!

Everything about this was perfect!
Everything about this was perfect!

7. FaceTime Calls- my family I love
I really enjoyed being able to still see their faces while I was away. The gift here was technology and the ability to make some time

8. Stork Lularoe Leggings- comfort
My friend Diane gave me these awesome leggings that have storks on them. These leggings are not only giving me the gift of comfort they also make me smile and remember how thankful I am to have her in my life. She is the friend in my life that reminds me to always seek happiness and not quit until I do. She constantly reminds me my value and that I am worth anything good that comes my way. The world needs more folks like Diane if you ask me.

My Lularoe Leggings!
My Lularoe Leggings!

9. Going Home- family
I missed my family and the flight back home was quite the self gift! I had been sick all day and my hubby had to remind me every hour or so that I was almost done and would have a comfy bed to come home to and a nice and cold gatorade with my name on it. I needed this finish line in sight.


10. Juice!
I had bought two different types of juice at the store to see which one the baby would not fuss over and sure enough I found THE ONE! That little gift of a drink that gives the baby vitamins it needs and yet doesn’t make me sicker than a dog was awesome!!!! SCORE ALERT

This was the winner!
This was the winner!

These ladies are the gift that keep on giving. Nothing was a better gift than to hang out with these two lovely ladies from my team the day after a long trip! They crack me up, keep me on my toes, and their company is super special.

Meet Deidre and Lalanya, they are pretty great!
Meet Deidre and Lalanya, they are pretty great!

12. Teal …as in THE RIGHT teal curly ribbon!
I found THE Perfect color curly ribbon that matches our company colors at Target for the golf tournament this week and that my friends was quite the perfect self gift. I lOVE LOVE supplies so moments like this are heaven to my heart!



This self gift is extra special to me. I had this heartbeat monitor we purchased a few weeks ago and while I have heard the baby several times I had never shared that moment with Baker. That was until Friday night. I asked him if he wanted to hear his baby brother, and he said yes! As soon as I placed the earbuds in his ears and he heard that beautiful noise he lit up and could not believe he could hear his “baby” in mommy’s tummy! As you can see in this picture, he enjoyed this moment as much as I did!

"HI Baby Brother!"
“HI Baby Brother!”

14. Logo/ Powersheets
I have work counterpart that is wanting to work on creating logos. He is helping me with mine and I am so excited to be revamping up this site, so that it can become EXACTLY the way my mind has envisioned for so long. I was also able to open my powersheets and strap on my boots to begin working towards my goals and dreams again! SELF CARE at it’s finest. At least, how I know how. I am going to chase some dreams, and make my kids and family proud! I also get to make myself proud in this too… that is quite exciting!

Sneak Peek at what is brewing!
Sneak Peek at what is brewing!
Lara Casey's Powersheets have been heaven sent for me and my goals
Lara Casey’s Powersheets have been heaven sent for me and my goals

15. Cooking- sweet smell of arugula!
Lately I have not cooked so much because between working too much and feeling green in the gills, the kitchen has not been my friend. So Saturday night I found myself whipping up some arugula pesto, baking some chicken and having the family tossing salad! We had a yummy meal that everyone seemed to enjoy and those moments make me smile!

Cooking time!
Cooking time!

16. Maternity Jeans!!!!!!
My hubby went to the rescue again and was so kind as to accompany me to Motherhood so I could get a couple pairs of pants that would fit my growing bump. While I learned quickly I am not ready for maternity dresses and work pants I did manage to get two pairs of jeans that are going to be great for this week ahead for sure!

SOOOOO what did this week teach and remind me?

Smile often, take in the moments, and more than anything use these next twenty something weeks to enjoy the journey of pregnancy and all that will come with it. This will literally be THE last baby I will every have in my tummy, so I should spend a lot less time complaining and instead embrace the joy this new bundle is going to bring our way. I need to enjoy.

What areas in your life do you need to slow down to enjoy? What will you choose to do this week: smile or frown?

Let’s make week 17 count!