Pretty pens for this chick!

Mood today: Anxiety but being prayerful 

Inspirational tune: Jordan Feliz “Down to the River”
    I knew I was growing up a few years ago when I found office supplies to be cool and found great pleasure when I would find a pen that wrote like it was a small piece of heaven. 

     Do you know what I’m talking about? 

     The kind of pen that glides and has the perfect ink stroke without gaps so that you get THE precise “look” you want.

   When working towards my faith dedication this year it has been important for me personally to add color to all I touch. And because I am in constant contact with paperwork, bills, my Powersheets by Lara Casey and my Simplified Planner by Emily Ley along with meetings that require notes… 


   Well let’s just say I require a pretty pen bag for all my ink! 

   Sometimes a colored pen is all it takes to make the first step towards progress. 

    A colorful pen can make a plain white sheet of paper bold and bright! A colorful pen inspires you to doodle or write words or phrases just so you can “use your pen”.

   It’s a writing utensil that becomes almost a part of who you are and where you are going because if it wasn’t then why would you be worried to lose it or let someone borrow it knowing it may get legs ?
     I encourage you to find some colorful pens and highlighters- 

and YES USE THEM with all you do writing wise. 

   Open your BiblesUSE THEM

   Open your journal-USE THEM

   Open a book-USE THEM

   Open your Powersheets-

                  USE  THEM


I see color I see opoortunity!
    Now once you do, go back and flip through – 

     the color will force you to stop and read because it will catch not only your eyes but your mind. 

   We all need inspiration to learn, so why not do it cheerfully and bright? 

   This year on our great journey let’s do it in style shall we…


Love y’all,