A New Season Blooming

I had to step back and completely close down Just Walk In Faith because I realized through looking back at my posts that things had changed for me and in me.

   When JWIF initially began it was created as a way to process a difficult season of my life. Through sharing it enabled me to get through the difficult time and I inspired others through my journey.

    Key phrase above: 

                Inspired Others

     I’m not sure why or where along the way it got blurry for me and my posts turned into more negative than positive. I think I felt the need to post in order to keep the website afloat even though I felt I was sinking in “true life”. I also let the outside world and situations influence my posts because life was getting the best of me. 

  So I turned off the entire site and said JUST WALK IN FAITH was closed. 

  Problem is that it wasn’t in His plan. 

    So after many “post ideas” and “blog title inspiration moments” with no home to share them on I realized it was not meant to be shut down just rebuilt with His love as the guiding light.

There has been a lot of prayer,deep thinking, and many “wanting to step back” moments so that I do His will and not mine. 

I’m in a season of learning.

   I want to use this site as a way to encourage and uplift you (and I through the process). So I’m refocusing and going to bring JWIF back  but keeping its original purpose as the main focus. 

    To inspire others…

   I hope you will enjoy this journey with me, knowing you are not alone. My posts will be Christ centered and have faith and prayer included throughout. 

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   This is a season of intention for me,so I will be focused on two categories and each week will build upon each one. You can follow one or both categories.

Tuesday’s and Saturday’s will be for my series:

A Chick After The Lord’s Heart

(Found under the Faith-Time Tab)

Wednesday’s and Sunday’s will be for my series:

Qualities Of A GRACEful Gal!

(Found under the Self-Confidence Tab)

Love y’all!