Let’s Talk #15weekspregnant

Okay it happened!

Clothes NOT fitting

All in one week. This week’s post was a tough one for me to write out because quite honestly a lot has taken place in seven days on the “real life” side, and I had to remind myself to use this post as a way to store a memory to look back on a preferably the good kind from pregnancy.

So as a way to compromise to myself I decided to keep this post a brief one.

So what did I learn from each of the areas I mentioned above:

Tears– those are okay to have and while others may not understand they are mine nevertheless. So I will embrace them and find gratitude that God gifted me with the ability to feel deeply. Especially in a world that tries to teach us to run on the surface.

Stretching- having good work pals to remind me to breathe and not stress out over the inevitable expanding waistline and that this feeling is a good sign that the baby is growing.

Headaches- to take tylenol, water, and REST. I don’t need to be a superhero.

Clothes NOT fitting– start buying some clothes that have a maternity tag. Even though I may not feel ready to buy them in store, I can still do it online. Baby steps win the race.

Confusion- I learned I don’t have the answer to this one right now and honestly I don’t care.

Insecurities– everyone has them, so I am not the only one on the planet to experience this. I realized I cannot rely on anyone to put my heart and mind at ease instead it needs to be me. I am going to need someone greater than me to help me in this area. Further sign I need to go back to my church home.

…as I type this post out I also realize one thing. I miss my family, my dad about now would have grabbed me a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sat with me to remind me everything will be okay. He would remind me that my flaws are all the more reason to love me. He would listen— he is a dang good listener how I need to be heard.

I am heading to California for a few days and hope that I will be able to take a small moment to celebrate the 16 week milestone with fresh air and maybe a sweet treat.

But for now, this is what I got and I am okay with that.


Lemon Lime Time!

The infamous saying “when life gives you lemons make lemonade” falls true this week for me. I am not sure about you but this past week had some great wins for me and some great moments of “breathing required”. This week had some lemons y’all!

I had to stop myself though somewhere mid week and be grateful for lemonade! Why because even with the wins and losses of events that took place the one thing that was great was: NOT HAVING MORNING OR AFTERNOON SICKNESS!

Praise Jesus y’all!

Week 13 of this pregnancy is bringing a little more trips to the bathroom at night, and bringing a little more case of the munchies throughout the day but it is NOT bringing on the nausea the way it was even just a week ago. It is also not bringing exhaustion the way it was even just a week ago.

I am grateful for this sweet-n-sour gift!

“Why the lime Sam?” You may be asking…

Well this post wouldn’t be complete with some transparency of how pregnancy can really be right???

This week I have still had some anxiety about what having five children will look like, I have had some dreams about splitting my love amongst the five kids and how that will feel. There is still very much the fear that I may not have enough love to give, but I am trying to be hopeful that God has a plan in store.

I have felt torn in between still pursuing dreams and closing that chapter so I can prepare for October and the arrival of this little one.

Limes are sour- this feeling of needing to make a decision on the rest of my life is sour. But I love limes! The way I love the realization that God isn’t asking me to figure it all out right now, He is just asking me to enjoy the moments right now and take literally a day at a time. Every day brings something new, just like this week has.

Little Baby Root #2 is the size of a Lime.

So let’s see what this next week brings in lessons!