2016 Challenge: Comfort In Knowing

Comfort in knowing??? …You may ask. 

      Are you like me- the older you get the harder it is to be comfortable on all kinds of levels?

We start to feel pain in areas that we had no idea could feel pain. I find it funny too that we would rather not “feel” anything so that we at least stay comfortable in the “blah” seasons of our lives.


Why not be completely comfortable in KNOWING???


I didn’t know what today would look like,but iI was happy IN that
I’m not saying knowing what the future has in store, or knowing (uhhum…. Control freaks this is for y’all) the next move. 

Rather the comfortable in knowing that God isn’t asking you to have it all figured out.

   This is another lesson being taught to me. When I TRULY surrender to His will- marvelous things happen! Things so surreal I can’t help but think “wow! that’s not a Sam thing – that’s a God thing!”.

   One of the biggest confirmations came in the form of a program I put together called: M.A.N.Y (Make Any Network Yours!) this has been brewing in my head and on my heart for over three years! 

You are allowed to be a dreamer and doer

    “What the heck is wrong with you procrastinator” you may think

It wasn’t procrastination but it was me not allowing myself to be comforted in knowing if I placed it out into my great world of Phoenix that it would be successful! 

Today was launch day! The venue was provided by a dear friend, the food while casual from Chick-Fil-A was tasty, and the people who came… OHHHHH THE PEOPLE WHO CAME WERE AMAZING! Here I am teaching a class about my experience on networking and I couldn’t help but feel taken back that these ladies were all investing in who they want to be. They were and are taking steps that I know without doubt we will look forward and see them being some pretty major players in the marketplace. 


Learning Ladies Alert!
    They are destined for success and I get to enjoy part of that journey simply because I put M.A.N.Y together and asked for help where I needed and in return received more confirmation that when I allow myself to just take in the scenery supercagifragilistic things are happening around me!!! 
   What is the hangnail that won’t let you find comfort right now? It refuses to let your mind surrender control? 

    Ask that instead of feeling weighed down by it that instead you are filled with comfort and deep desire to push beyond it and break the barrier it has on you. 

    Know that He is completely with you. His hands are wrapped so tight around you there “ain’t ” no way you will fall.

Let’s really let that sink in. The comfort in KNOWING without doubt you -are-not-alone.
Sending hugs,


Dance as you learn

Yellow dress, high heel shoes and a white purse. 
    This is a specific memory I have when I hear the word: dance

    I was about 7 years old and didn’t have a worry in the world. I used to love singing and dancing in front of anyone who was present and alone— it didn’t matter.

    Now that I am 33 a few things have changed that:

-Age; insecurities have set in

-Age; fear has set in 

-Age; age…

    I stopped dancing a few years ago. It’s something I missed because for so much of my childhood I relate dancing to great memories. Times where for at least one dance everyone can smile and laugh. Where things aren’t serious but rather celebratory.

    That was until Baker came into my life. The youngest of all four kids is one of the happiest babies you will ever meet. For those of you who know me in person; I refer to him as my “Saving Grace”. He has placed a much needed sense of perspective back into my life. He inspires me to take in every single moment the day has to offer… 

Baker loves funny selfies too!

   But most important he has brought the dancing back into my life.

     I dance in grocery store isles, in the car,certainly in the house, and anywhere he is in tow with me. He makes me embrace my goofy ways again- he thinks I am at my finest looking like a goofy hot mess lol!

    Dancing as you learn new things about yourself is so important y’all. 

It’s hard to face the reality that you may not be perfect and that somewhere along the way life changed and with that the way you view things. 

    But life is about learning not only new things but new ways. 

Ways to love,ways to accept,ways to forgive, and ways to move forward. 


    Learning to dance is tough sometimes. It’s okay to want to learn from a professional. There is also something so rewarding in learning how to dance to your own rhythm and with your partner in tow or alone (for my single friends you are not excluded here).

    There may be moments of stepping on toes and you know what?


There may be moments of not knowing the next step and you know what? 


    Just remember thisif all else fails the chicken dance is always a winner. 

    It never fails to make you laugh at yourself and forget all the “age” old things that paralyze you from wanting to make changes for the better.

   On this great journey ahead the dance floor belongs to you. It’s your song and your rhythm that sets the tone.

   So chicken dance away friends and embrace learning new things this year to make it the best year ahead!

My Daddy-O; one of the people that taught me to dance
Love y’all,