Do You Need A Joy Reminder?

Week 14 of pregnancy has been up and down for me. Even as I am typing out this post, I am laying in bed feeling a little green in the gills. The last 48 hours have been tough ones. One of my sons lives in Texas and I got some news that made the momma bear come out of me. I am sure that has not helped the nausea I have been feeling.

It’s also Easter week so I am forcefully and gratefully reminded that Christ has risen for a reason!

I am glad to have this reminder and knowledge in my heart because during a time that could be easy to forget some good…

I am seeking to see the JOY

Wednesday as I was driving into the office, surrounded by traffic and feeling extra thoughtful. In my house it is oftentimes very difficult to find moments of true quiet and stillness so the car is that place for me many days.

I was once again thinking to myself out loud: 5 kids

As soon as I put that thought out of my mind into the world I immediately thought about how Baker is my saving grace. You know what happened?

I smiled.

I then began thinking about each of the kids and what they are to me.

I smiled more.

I then in that moment realized that sometimes even in the most overwhelming moments and thoughts there is blessing in reminding ourselves of joy.


So I want to challenge you to do the same thing. Run through the people closest to you and see what they bring in your life and write their name and what they bring on paper or in your phone. Text them or call them to share what they do in your heart.

Here was my list of what my children bring in my life: I did them in order of oldest to youngest because as I wrote them out I realize how much purpose and meaning they give my lifelong journey.

Tayler my oldest son: he is my Reassurance
* He tries my nerves in so many ways, but then from time to time he shows me his selfless heart and sincere smile and it helps me know he is going to grow up just fine!

Tayler my oldest
Tayler my oldest

Analesia my one and only daughter: she is my Pretty Spectacular Kid
* Anas is very smart, has a heart of solid gold, smiles and lights a room, has traits of a leader and can move any mountain in her way. She reminds me that glass ceilings can be broken and she is going to be one of the gals to do it!

My spectacular kid Anas
My spectacular kid Anas

Hayden my middle Son: he is my Hayden Sunshine
* His smile has a way to make the whole world shine, he was made special and is one of the sweetest kids I have ever known in my whole life. He doesn’t talk a whole lot about his feelings, but he is the ox of all my children. He has overcome so much and yet it doesn’t make his heart jagged one bit. He is a true love in and out!


Baker is my two year old tot: he is my Saving Grace
*Baker entered my life in a season that I needed some slowing down, perspective, and softening of the walls I had built. He has totally converted my heart and made me quite honestly a mushy pile of mommy! He has taught me to love “kisees”, snuggle time, and been the reminder of what priorities are important for my life.

Baker the famous saving grace!
Baker the famous saving grace!

Gibson James is the 14 week old baby in my belly: he is my Peace
* He is reminding my restless and insecure heart to find peace in the small details and milestones. He is already teaching me to slow down even more and to listen to what my body tells me to do. His heartbeat is the most beautiful peaceful sound I ever put through my headphones. My day can be going stressFULL and I hear his heart and immediate peace.

Our special bundle of joy! Official  pic still months away  lol
Our special bundle of joy! Official pic still months away lol

So during this season of second trimester I will choose JOY.

Are you a good collector of memories? I am not so much, but if this post has inspired you to become more joyful in recording memories and moments I did want to give you a link to a great resource. Emily Ley one of my favorite planner makers, bloggers, and believers has a pretty great memory book made to collect the kiddo memories. I do not make anything by you using this link, but think it is a great resource!

I hope to see you next Sunday on the blog, I would love for you to share what gifts your kids bring in your life. Make sure to post in the comments.


2016 Challenge: Grace

Oooohhh sweet word Grace

    Walking into 2016 felt a little heavy for me and felt a lot like I needed change.

   Not the kind of change you always complain about wanting and do nothing about it, rather actual change that requires some elbow grease and actionable measures. 

    I knew it wouldn’t be easy and I certainly knew it would require routine so I wouldn’t fall backwards. 

  I knew Grace would make it worth it.

   I was looking for change but the knowing I wasn’t perfect was paralyzingly me from doing something about it. 

“Why do anything different if it will just go back to same?”


Neutral? That’s random right?


   The first lesson this year I have learned is that grace is the neutral gear. When we want change we rush to hit the accelerator and when we are fearful we quickly slam on the brakes. 

Am I right ? I need an amen in the house ! 

    Both accelerating and braking have zero benefit to us as believers. You know why?

    Because really what we are called to do is press neutral- Grace meets us in that neutral shift. 

So often we want answers: accelerator 

So often we don’t want to hurt:


When you feel out of control envision grabbing your internal shifter: THAT you have control over (yourself)

    And switch in neutral. Envision the way it feels to slow down, the car is no longer out of control. It’s just wading … waiting patiently for the next move. You don’t waste gas, you don’t ruin the clutch, you just sit.

     Grace isn’t perfection instead quite the contrary. It’s the understanding that we will mess up. So why not allow that understanding to heal your hurts and hang ups? 

     It took me FULL INTENTION to allow grace into my heart. It took a lot of Kleenex and journaling to allow grace to do its work inside of me. I came to realize I am not my shortcomings, my mistakes,my imperfections- I am just myself. 

    But grace won and I am better for it. I no longer feel that heavy burden that I carried for so long. I felt redeemed to begin anew and to start driving forward again.

     In what ways do you need grace to take over?  

     How can I pray for you? 

You aren’t alone, God’s got you! 

See you next time,