Rest and read…


Mood today: A little brain tired but focused on the positive … It was a productive day

Inspirational Tunes: “Collide” by Jars of Clay

  It’s funny that today I am blogging about resting and reading. I find it funny because today I have not rested or stopped to read lol! 

    Life (as we can all relate) comes with a standard share of “exceptions to the rule”. So knowing that today is an exception I won’t feel hypocritical for sharing with you what has been on my heart. 

    Resting and reading have become quite the pair for me thus far in 2016. They have become a habit which must come as a pair because with just one it doesn’t have the same effect and together they make impact in my life and productivity. 


     Daily I am finding time to rest: 

 Yes even with kids (plural),working full time, house obligations,etc.


     Daily I am finding time to read:

Yes even with kids (did I mention one of them is about to be 1 the others are teenagers),working full time,house obligations,etc.

Do the 5 W’s pop into your mind? Let me share HOW…

Who: Just myself. Once all my duties are done I retire to our bedroom and pull out my planners, devotional, phone, book and gratitude journal. 

What: This year I decided to go with a couple different planners early on so I could figure out which one is best for me and my day-to-day life. I’m using both the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and my Carpe Diem Planner by Simple Stories (I have the Robin’s Egg color eeeekkk I love it!) I use colorful pens and highlighters to brighten up my “to-do’s” … I like to think of it like beautiful productivity. 

    I am currently reading: Power of a Praying Wife, The Love Dare, and Furiously Happy. 

     My gratitude journal is nothing fancy just a dollar spot notepad. 

When: I find the best time for me to pre-plan my day and for  quiet reading time is in the evening after the teens go to their rooms and once baby is in bed. It’s usually 8:30-9pm. That means sacrificing some shows and it means no dilly-dallying. TIME  to make time for this momma.

    I also take 5 minutes in my morning to read my Holy Bible app. I select a devotional plan (I do all types of plans but only the 1-7day plans so I can read and be inspired on all types of topics) 

Where: Evening routine in our room because I keep everything on my nightstand. Morning devotional- anywhere just so long as I allocate 5 minutes.


   So that I can wind my mind down, have moments of silence, and so that I am doing more of what I enjoy and in the process build some quiet time with God too- beautiful productivity. 

     Who knew that resting while reading and writing could be relaxing?

   It’s possible and through the process the beginnings of something wonderful. It allows your mind to truly rest when sleeping (TRUE REST). These routines also help soften your heart and give positive things to focus on. It’s been such a great answer to relieving stress and frustration positively. 

    So will you start some new habits of R&R this month? Let’s make this our best year… we can!!!

Love y’all,


In all things pray

Mood today: Excited for the work day, but heart heavy a little (not going to let me down though)

Inspirational tune: All of Creation (Even So Come) by Chris Tomlin


John 15:5 NKJV

  “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me,and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

   2016 is the year of being careful with my words but I can’t do it alone (not one bit) . 

    It requires more moments of prayer than I have ever done. It also requires me to hand over completely— as in surrender (this action is still hard at times for me to practice). I am learning to pray first then give myself time to process. So then I can communicate in a “less of me more of Him”approach. 


   Prior to making THE intentional decision to make some positive changes in my life I used to only pray upon convenience.

 I only prayed for good things to happen and only prayed one-sided. “God this is what I need just this one time… Amen”.

 Now reflecting back it was a 50% prayer. While I was “being prayerful” I wasn’t PRAYING. I wasn’t having a fluid conversation with Him for guidance and wisdom. 
    Fast forward to this year.

(Did you notice I said this year: it’s okay to start making change any time)

This verse has helped me stay centered
     I pray often and rather than a laundry list that I hand off to God to “take care of”the way I once did, I now pray for guidance and clarity. I ask that He help me approach things more like He would have me do. 

    I pray without agenda. 

We can’t do things all alone and we certainly won’t always get our way, but we can ask for help from someone much greater than us who has the wisdom to help empower us with the gift of love. 

     Be prayerful in all you do.

    There may be situations that are uncomfortable and there may be circumstances that you are feeling restless about: PRAY. 

   But remember ask Him for guidance and then patiently wait. If you feel convictions do those things He is asking of you without pouting or hesitation. Don’t squirm but rather be confident that He has you in his hands. 

   Remember the first series of these posts where I shared: it will get uncomfortable? YEP THIS IS PART OF THOSE TIMES…

   But choose to embrace it with joy,excitement and faith for what lies ahead. I believe in you! 

 Love y’all,