Getting past your freckles of imperfections

Mood today: Joyfilled with gratitude for the unknown
Inspiration tune: Lauren Daigle “Loyal”

How is it that I find being a “tasker” of “multi’s” easier than being a “comfortable in mine”?

My own skin that is?

Every single day I wake up doing the same exact routine which includes stumbling to turn off the alarm, walking to bathroom and getting ready for the day ahead while it is still dark outside.

Yet- the bathroom light is always nice and bright on my less than makeup-ready face

I notice every single morning my wrinkles that are now forming, freckles that little by little are taking over, dry skin , and baggy eyes…YUCK!


Ladies meet me makeup ‘less
I noticed my flaws until I stopped noticing my flaws how I perceive them and instead began noticing them His way.

I began to teach myself that my wrinkles are from 33 years of life
I began to embrace my dry skin as “part of life” …and yes got a new moisturizer brand lol!
I am working through the baggy eyes part by getting more rest

… and those stubborn freckles?

Well I am just letting them take over because they are meant to be in my life as a reminder of all the times I have seen the sunshine!

Learning to appreciate yourself ladies is a struggle and let me tell you the more you begin to stir up your soul it will not get any easier but it will become comfortable to be uncomfortable;through the process you will begin to get comfortable in your own “freckles of imperfection”.

This post I share with you is so important… I don’t want you to go through this series just glimpsing through the posts and if this is the only post you will ever read of mine then I want it to be core changing.

Envision me getting real passionate with hands moving and walking back and forth with energy and a loving but firm tone when I share the following with YOU:

You landed here for a reason,so let’s not take for granted the opportunity for this moment to be life changing to you.

I want to lovingly encourage you to take a glimpse in the mirror and say outloud all the nitpicking details of your face you see…I double dog dare you!



I want you to say outloud and I urge you to repeat it every day when you wake up and look in the mirror:

I am beautifully flawed…I was intentionally made

Let’s grab this year tightly and embrace for the most beautiful ride we can! You can’t enjoy the journey though if you don’t begin to see that you are the most absolute perfect person meant for the ride ahead.

YOU no one else…

So who is with me?

Love y’all gals,