#2016Challenge Opportunity: HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

This was my face yesterday: 


No filters my REAL LOOK
My hair was frizzy, my feet had no lotion, I was brain fizzled, BUT what was different about me is that I had a new opportunity! 

   I have been working to get my real estate license in Arizona so that we can complete one of our “home” goals as a family.

   This is NOT my first rodeo though, I have had a license in Texas for years. Arizona doesn’t reciprocate the credits or my license so I had to start all over. 

“We have to treat you like we grabbed you off the street corner” type of starting over ( I was told one day by a Real Estate Commission person)

  It took me 6 years to swallow my pride and stubborn ways on this topic. 

“I’m NOT a newbie! I’m seasoned, I’m educated, I have a license, I’ve done all these classes….blah blah blah!”


  I struggled to be humble.

    This year I knew I wanted to pursue getting my license here, but knew I would not be able to groan the whole way. I had to check my prideful ways at the door.

  18 classroom sessions and 3 comprehensive exams were completed yesterday after the 2 classes I took. Lots of long hour days working, school hours learning and hours doing all the other responsibilities of adulting later I WAS DONE WITH THE REAL ESTATE SCHOOL! 

   Or so I thought. Turns out my early celebration was going to be dissolved. They walked back in and said that in addition to all that stuff I already did I still needed 3 more exams. 

WHATTTTTT????? Are you kidding me (that’s what my innards were saying). 

        I tried to not show my disappointment and tried to not sound too eager to be done.

    There was also one more problem: the program wasn’t releasing the three exams so I could take them.

WHATTTTTTTT????? Are you kidding me (my innards again) 

     I waited patiently and called my husband to say:


“nothing worth anything ever comes easy does it?!”

We laughed and he reminded me to stay strong. I agreed but did know I would need an adult beverage when I got home. 

     The tests were up and going— tick tick tick went the time. And slowly my brain was fried beyond! 


    Now I finished the three exams I am finished WAHOOOOO!!!!


       Turns out one of the other exams I did the week before didn’t compute correctly so I had to take it again. 

WHATTTTTTTTTT??????? Are you kidding me ( by this point I was saying it out loud)

   I heard this little voice in me that said:

“is it really worth it? Do you really want this?”

   My answer out loud was YES let’s just get it done… Here I go wish my brain luck! 

    Several hours later I walked out of there with my certificate in hand. By the evening I scheduled my exam for a week out and by morning the next day (today) I feel accomplished because I didn’t quit.

   God does reward us for not quitting. He also allows the process of determination to create a story that we can then share with others. 

   The way I am sharing it with you today. 

   Are you one of those people who keep talking about all the things you want but yet you do zero about it? What is holding you back? 


Do you need to be reminded today:

“is it really worth it? Do you really want this?”

 You CAN make dreams happen but you will have to take tiny steps forward. I have a few kids,work full time, have a hubby, and get pulled in a million directions but I still made time to make time for a goal. 

     I will encourage you to post what a goal is that you want to get done this year and share a tiny baby step you can commit to doing the rest of this month that would help your goal. 

*If you want some extra help to maybe learn what direction to go here is a link to the Lara Casey Powersheets use. They have helped me stay focused, be intentional with my time and keep me tuned in to what it is I want out of my life. I don’t get any commission for referring these but I promise if you ACTUALLY USE THEM your life will not be the same. 

   You aren’t alone!