It’s not your outfit, wear your heart

Mood today: Reflective and upbeat for what’s ahead

Inspirational tune: Mercy Me “Dear Younger Me”
      Can you see my muffin top with this outfit? I am hoping not because I just LOVE the pattern… what if I just suck in?


     Today I am enjoying in a bitter-sweet fashion my first weekday being unemployed. I was not planning on writing this post until the weekend but like in all God-fashioned things He has a different plan for me.

          I have worked out, read my devotional, read a little from a book, washed dishes, mopped, organized the bathroom, put up laundry, and YES I am now scrubbing the washing machine down with a Pintrest DIY “recipe”. I am getting things done that I have not been able to do for some time.

        I was also organizing our closet because my husband’s clothes have started taking a second section of the closet. That is what reminded me of this post title, and the reason why I have slowed down with my Chai Tea in hand and decided to write out this post.


See ladies…chai tea in hand
    I was reminded because as I was moving his clothes over and sorting out hangers with clothes on them and without, I looked at my side and realized that while I used to have four times his ratio I now have less than half. BITTER SWEET

     I used to love buying and shopping for clothes, shoes and anything girly but as I get older I find it more difficult to find clothing I enjoy buying and excited to wear.

      At some point last year and honestly I can’t remember when it was I realized I didn’t need the coolest pair of boots, or purse, or even the coolest pair of jeans anymore. I wanted to instead make sure I was wearing the best heart I could.

It does not matter how great you look if you do not feel like your heart is in a good place it is meaningless. Now do not get me wrong by any means… I do love me some nice things!

    But they are no longer what I allow to define me or my success.

      Today even while I blog “unemployed” I feel like I am successfully taking on this day with an upbeat attitude and grateful heart. I am still sweaty gross from no shower for the day, but it doesn’t stop me jamming out to Mercy Me and it certainly does not deter me from having some great text talks with friends that prior to not having to work I was not able to do because I was “busy”.

( I hate the excuse “because I am crazy busy”)

     If something is important, like in this case for yourself MAKE TIME YOU CRAZY BUSY YOU!

Why? First, because you deserve to work on your heart so you can be the happiest you. Second, because I said so lol!!!

     I promise, if you work on your heart and do even the smallest things (for example drinking chai tea or texting a friend to tell her you love her) it will work wonders and help you build that motivation you need in order to build up some steam to chug ahead in a positive direction.

     Having a good heart to wear will make any old pair of boots you put on or an “older than this season top” look awesome! 
You know why?

      Because as your heart is pumping with positive,you walk with confidence and no matter what you wear matters anymore because the walk behind it is confident and that is what radiates when people see you. 

    That is what you want to be about… substance not surface.
  Well I gotta run because its time for me to do the last part of operation “DIY washing machine recipe”.

Love y’all!


A closet for more than clothes

Mood today: My heart is still (while my body is going 500 MPH)

Inspiration tune:
Third Day “Revelation”

“Give me a revelation”is how my inspiration tune gets started.

     The music has a steady but strong beat and yes this means my head is swaying back and forth as I blog this post for you.

I love this post title because it reminds me of a time that was truly instrumental in me becoming a Believer. While my faith has taken dips and turns since then,it has never wavered since this particular moment about who I call Lord.

Closets for as long as I have been alive are used to store clothes, shoes, Christmas gifts, shoe boxes and so much more. It is a small room within our home or space that we use to keep things in and hope to goodness that a sweater doesn’t pop out from the crack under the door…

                 AM I RIGHT?

Today’s lovely lesson is going to take you INTO your closet. 

It is going to take you actually going inside your closet and popping a squat. 

You won’t go empty handed and you won’t be alone.

Our lives regardless if you have human beings who rely on you at home or not are still as women—hectic! 

     No matter how much balance you work towards and no matter how many minutes earlier you wake up

                  LIFE JUST HAPPENS… 

and in the process it causes us to have moments where we are weary(and yes, at often times tired)

That’s why it is an absolute necessity 

…AKA no excuses…

 AKA “No is not an option”

Sorry I had to add that because I know many of you personally and you NOT placing yourself as an important priority is quite the stubborn topic!

So as I was sharing: It is an absolute necessity to have a space that has no distraction but is small and comfortable enough where you can become prayerful and relaxed. My closet was a place to breathe and read a book just a couple minutes each night. It didn’t require me to wear any of the fancy clothes that were hanging and it certainly required me to go in barefoot without worry that a heel would break.

My closet did allow me to read quietly… it was also my place to cry silently and to wrap my arms lovingly around myself. I did this alone almost every single day when the kids were little(and sleeping)  and I was a single mom.

   I did this routine daily alone until one day at a moment of pure “overwhelming blah” I raised my hands and told God to come take it all and fix it. I had received too much on my plate and 


Instantly and to some I know it may sound strange but I immediately felt His presence. That is THE day I realized all those days (there were lots and lots) God had been going into that closet with me and was silently listening to my prayers, and was lovingly allowing me to process things at my “own pace”. Because the second I felt I was falling he caught my tears in that closet and I have never seen closets or His love for that matter the same.

You may have a phobia about closets…the point is find a safe place in your home that you can go be transparent with yourself. Take a book, journal, coloring book or anything that will help soothe your mind for just a tad.


here is my real-life nothing fancy closet
Know this place will be there every day and available for you at an affordable “budget friendly” price of FREE. 

No fancy clothes required, or shoes and the only requirement is that you walk in and have an open heart and mind. 

God works wonders when we are still and allow Him to be there with us.

    Time to open our minds to new steps towards the most beautiful year we can have!

 Schedule a minimum of 1 minute per day in the space you find… come back soon and share how it is helping your heart. I would love to know!

Love y’all,