It’s Called BOLD Prayer

It’s Called Bold Prayer

“God so here you have me”… corner of the breakfast area – in a hotel- before work-asking for a BIG BOLD PRAYER REQUEST.

That’s where I am at.

Prayer can happen anywhere, at any time and for and reason. That’s part of its beauty. It can be filled with sparkle or tears, either way you give it; it doesn’t matter to Him.

I’ve been reading a devotional that is about praying for an elephant. Each day it brings me to tears and further confirms my heart.

It’s what I like to call a God Check.

This year is my year to be bold in pursuits and lean in on my Lord and Savior even more than I have in the past. As in… THE MOST I HAVE EVER DONE IN 34 YEARS.

I want to live the absolute best life going forward but in order to do so I know it will require a few things in order:
-My health
-My focus
-My Kids
-My Marriage
-My Work

I intentionally did not list my faith because I don’t have to.

God didn’t ask me to be perfect, He asks me to come to Him as I am.

So chipped,withered and all I am keeping Him off my list because He is going to walk beside me.

That’s faith works.
The knowing that this journey may shift and change things on my “to work on” list but He won’t leave me.

So I am praying for my elephant this year. I’m scared beyond measure – I cry each time I pray about it. But I know it’s time so I am going to obey the conviction in my heart.

God asks us to pray boldly so He can show us His works.

I’ve never been shy to pray boldly for others – but I’ve never laid something at His feet that I love as much as my own life.

It’s time.

That’s what I keep feeling I’m being asked to do.

So here are to the bold prayers we need to send to heaven to be answered.


You have never been aloneĀ 

Ladies, 2017 is now in full swing. How do you feel about it? Did you have enough time to prepare or better yet are you the type of person that doesn’t prepare at all?

If you are a “non-preparer” I am majorly jealous because I have OCD in my bones.

I am on my third year of doing the Lara Casey Powersheets and can’t say enough positive things about them! I will share more about these lovelies in another post. I wanted this blog post to specifically be one of those “you are not alone” type tones.

Through the last few weeks, I have been working on my powersheets and getting my new sales team up and going at work. To say it has been an easy task would be a straight up lie but I feel blessed beyond measure for the opportunity to use this year to grow and have some fabulous ladies join me in the process.

Growing comes with pains, and sometimes those pains leave you in a season of feeling alone. Those are THE EXACT moments to lean in on God and rely on his presence to fill your heart and being.

We are really never alone, maybe we are in our flesh but not spiritually. Even when you feel He is not listening or giving you the answers you want. It is not easy to admit your faults y’all and it sure isn’t easy to deal with those issues head on so that you can move your progress ticker forward. It is however the much better option that staying in the vicious or comfortable cycles that leave you feeling less than your best.
Not everyone can be transparent with themselves, and even worse scenario is that there are actually people we all know that do not want to make the progress ticker move forward. That too is okay- it isn’t our role to change anyone else but it is our calling to make strides to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

We are called to be the best self, worker, spouse, significant other, parent, believer, etc that we can be! Nothing more-Nothing less.

Here is this scripture that reminds me to stay focused and that while at times I may feel alone in the flesh I am not alone spiritually. I hope it will inspire you to keep progressing forward even on those days you don’t want to this 2017!