What Year 2 Brings…

Baker Southern Root was born two short years ago. To say he is a true joy in our life would be stating it lightly.

As I blog right now his daddy took him to Starbucks to enjoy come chocolate milk followed by feeding the duckies.

This little one has all of us in this house by the heart strings.

This month, I reflect on CELEBRATION. Oftentimes, it is easier to get caught up in the “dailies” of living that we don’t stop to enjoy what we are able to celebrate. Year two of Baker being born is something I not only am able to celebrate but want to celebrate.

He has taught me to slow down and prioritize. He has taught me to soften up, taught me to laugh from my belly and gives me a whole new sense of purpose. The older kiddos didn’t need us as much anymore so I began feeling “less” and as soon as Baker came into this world I had a reason to be needed again.

Little did we know that teenagers as quick as they don’t want mom and dad around they NEED us- just differently! Carpooling, money for gifts and dates, and to cook them meals.

I want to celebrate everything Baker has brought up to this point, but I also find it just as important to celebrate what he will bring us ahead.

Things like-

Temper tantrums to test our patience
Tears to show us he is learning emotions
Giggles to remind us we ARE ENOUGH
Kisses to keep us grounded

And many more memories and smiles! Those are the best.

So here is to wishing our Bakie a very happy birthday, we love you beyond measure and without limits.