Taking time to cultivate… are you missing friendships?

“Scrap that!”

I was going to post about one thing and realize that on this blog I am the boss which means I can post what is on my heart…lol!

So I hope you all don’t mind.

As my belly is growing so is my desire to connect more with others that have known us and with new people who will be walking in similar season with us. As in, newbie parents of more than one kiddo.

This year I told myself to do less “fearful holdback” and more “if you pray on it and it feels right then DO!” When an opportunity came in the form of an Instagram post requesting people to apply I jumped on it! After praying of course…

It was an opportunity to apply to be on a book launch team for Lara Casey, and author/blogger/creator of powersheets and other awesome faith-related products. She has been someone I admire and the communities she builds are so uplifting and keep me moving forward even on days I feel tired or burnt out.

I applied, and let me just say that when I got the “official” you are in Email I was elated!!!!!

So now I am joyfully a part of #TheCultivateBook launch team and even the quotes she has shared with us fill my heart and serve as reminders to grow my friendships around me.

This week I started the reading process of her book that will be coming out in a couple weeks and it was striking a chord inside my heart. One by one my heart strings were being pulled so much so that I needed a breather because I can already tell this one will shake my world and cause some conviction to take place. I love books that can inspire me to move and change some of my less that shiny traits!

Before I go on, if you would like to pre-order your copy feel free to here.

How has life pulled you away from friendships that you used to love? Are you like me in that over the course of time you begin feeling like you have nothing to offer a friendship conversation except for complaining about how busy life is, or what bad things are taking place? I miss being able to just have a cup of starbucks and feeling no rush with my gal pals. My kids are older so it used to not be a problem. That was until we had Baker. Now we have a wonderful 2 year old that loves quality time with all of us.

Y’all I need to confess: I feel torn!

I feel as if I should spend all my free time wearing my mom hat since I work full time++ during the week. This is not a hubby expectation,kid expectation, or even in a rule book anywhere. Rather, this is one of those “good ol’ Samantha” expectations.

So this week I chose to do something a little different: I scheduled a Wine ‘n’ Wash in June. I did this so I can on purpose have a reason to hang out with some of my gal pals and enjoy some giggles, pretty hair, and community.

The hubby and I are also scheduling some adult time with friends to catch up.

What is holding you back from making time to make time? What inside your heart has closed you off? Nothing tells us we have to become the betty crocker of party planning and get together’s but we can schedule a coffee date, phone call or FaceTime and yes even a small get together with the friends we used to have some much fun with.

I have learned over the years that even with time, miles, kids, and life: friendships can withstand storms and moments of not talking. The important thing is picking them back up and making time to make time.

So who else feels they want to begin cultivating their friendships? You won’t be alone, I will be doing the same thing.


What is this self-care concept?

If you follow any blogs, Instagram accounts, have a Facebook page or love to read books I bet have heard of a concept called “self-care”.

My IG Self-Care picture. I love food!

What is this self-care concept anyways? I mean what is it REALLY? Because while the concept sounds heavenly, I can’t quite wrap my head around how to do this consistently yet.

This week I turned #18weekspregnant! Yahoo!!! Almost the halfway mark and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. No nausea this week was certainly a bonus too.

Every week my full-time work gives me challenges, surprises,moments of happiness and moments of disappointments. In other words some weeks I learn more while other weeks I pull my hair more lol! But even with all it’s chaos and glory I still love what I do because I wake up with a purpose bigger than myself.

On Tuesday however, the thunderstorm of emails and calls was at a max! Man, my anxiety had creeped up and I felt like I just needed to go crawl into a hole because I didn’t think I would be able to solve all the challenges, and certainly felt like I needed to solve the challenges alone and had no one to bounce and help me with it.

So what happened? Why of course! CONTRACTIONS

11 total that day to be exact.

By contraction number nine, I panicked and went to pick up my progesterone shots so I could begin getting them the next day. You see, I have to take progesterone shots so that I do not go into preterm labor. I go in once a week—except small detail. I was two weeks late in getting my shots started.

So the anxiety of the day forced me to stop pushing the envelope and forcefully STOP and PANIC.

I then realized that in this season of motherhood and worker/inspired bee that I push myself to the side and don’t care about my health many times. I am not the “go to the spa” type of gal, and not sure if I will ever be. I am however, long overdue in the take care of my health arena.

I went in on Wednesday to get my shot, my nurse Paula was grateful to see me and was glad I stopped procrastinating. No excuses. I left there and continued my day. By then the dust from the day before had settled down, and NO the world didn’t crumble in the process. However, one thing was different: CONTRACTIONS WENT DOWN. From 11 to just 1 that day.

Self care doesn’t have to come in a big package was the lesson this week, but it does need to happen.

So, I am going to wind down in the stressful areas of work where I can,while I may push myself beyond barriers this baby won’t have to suffer that with me. I owe it to this little one to relax a little and prop my feet up more so that he can enjoy his temporary stay in my belly!

A fun golf tournament Friday for work! So fun and relaxing! #selfcare

On a scale of 1 to 10 ( 1 horrible and 10 excellent) where would you rate yourself in the self-care department? How consistent are you in loving yourself? What have you found to be your most favorite way to love on your being?

I would love you to comment and share, I welcome ideas!

Well until next week y’all!


P.S. And to all the mother’s out there: Happy Mother’s Day 🙂